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Powerful magic… Trina Lopez is a powerful witch with an unusual type of magic. Since childhood, it has controlled her more than she has controlled it. After unintentionally killing her lover and spending years hiding from the world, she is forced to confront the life she left behind as she slowly begins to… disappear. Literally. Desperate for help, she returns to her home coven–but more danger is coming. Powerful evil… Vampire Duncan Sinclair is one of the last Guardians on Earth. For 300 years he’,s protected the Vampiric Council’,s interests, doing what he’,s told and assassinating threats to daemon kinds. This time his target is Trina. But Duncan doesn’,t always follow his rules. Despite his resolve to feel no emotion, Trina crushes all his boundaries, drawing him in with an undeniable passion and fire. However, the Council won’,t back down and someone very powerful is facilitating Armageddon. Can they learn to trust each other before it’,s too late?_,
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