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Can Meredith and Chowd survive the politics and war, or will secrets tear them apart? &nbsp, Meredith Gentry is a woman with a mission. Her skills are vital in assisting in the defeat of the rogues who seek to annihilate the Federation. Her task, to decode all the files and communications found on the Alpha Star Colony, is made far more difficult by the proximity of the man who makes her yearn for love. &nbsp, Chowd knows he&rsquo,s different. He&rsquo,s an alien-human hybrid, one of very few. Those differences always kept him apart&mdash,except on the&nbsp,Elector. Until now he&rsquo,s accepted that…mostly. &nbsp, When Meredith is sent to work on the&nbsp,Elector, the differences that should keep them apart don&rsquo,t seem to matter&mdash,yet it&rsquo,s Chowd&rsquo,s heritage that threatens to destroy the fragile peace between the humans and Ru&rsquo,Edan. &nbsp, With so much on the line, is there truly a way these two lovers can be together? Especially when Chowd&rsquo,s heritage is exposed. &nbsp, Content Warning
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