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Hell hath no fury like Callie Penrose&hellip,Ever since Callie &ndash, the Vatican&rsquo,s rookie monster hunter &ndash, killed a demon a few weeks ago, Kansas City&rsquo,s been eerily quiet. But she soon learns it&rsquo,s just the calm before the storm.Because werewolves begin abducting young women in Kansas City, and a new church opens its doors, pronouncing death to all idols, including these &lsquo,make-believe&rsquo, monsters and wizards.But when one of their congregation is disemboweled by a monster on the steps of the church with the phrase God is dead painted in blood, someone in the church decides to take a lesson from the Salem Witch Trials&hellip, And the police seem to be helping.Callie must catch the killer before Kansas City erupts in civil war. A civil war she inadvertently started. Before everyone decides to kill each other. Or worse yet, her.But she&rsquo,s being stalked. By something unseen. More than one something&hellip, And with so many new faces coming to Missouri &ndash, gods, legends, and nightmares &ndash, Callie begins to realize it&rsquo,s all someone&rsquo,s sick idea of a game. And that Hell never really left Kansas City. Or Callie Penrose.After all, they say Missouri loves company&hellip,_,
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