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An Oath Sworn. A Struggle Engaged. A Sacrifice Required.When Mara, a trained Oathtaker, is drawn by the scent of the Select to battle underworld beasts summoned by the powers of evil to destroy the guardians of life, she swears a life oath for the protection of her charge.Armed with a unique weapon and her attendant magic, and with the assistance of her Oathtaker cohorts, two ancients, and a spymaster, Mara seeks safety for her charge from one who would end Oosa’,s rightful line of rule, and from assassins who endeavor to bring ruin to the land.As Mara puzzles to decipher ancient prophecy concerning her charge, as she is haunted with memories of her own past failings, she discovers the price her oath will exact.To renounce her word would be treasonous, to fail, ruinous, to persevere, tortuous.Abiding by an oath requires sacrifice._,
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