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Sinopsis de EMERGENCE.

Voodoo shop owner Sophie Nouveau has it all: love, purpose, and the magical ability to change evil people good. Following in her family’s otherworldly footsteps, she emerges into the New Orleans voodoo community by taking part in a public voodoo baptism. However, she still hasn’t told Taj, the love of her life, about the paranormal skeletons in her closet. So when he leaves the country indefinitely and without explanation, she realizes they are both masters at keeping secrets. And since true love is the source of Sophie’s Mind Changer spell, she not only loses her soul mate, she loses her ability to protect herself and her city against an emerging threat. Hordes of dead blackbirds fall from the sky. A diabolical fog attacks Poppy, Sophie’s best friend. And a shape-shifting bloodsucker preys on children in the bayous. Sophie must figure out who or what is at the root of this bad mojo. With her own magic on the fritz, though, Sophie cannot go it alone. Along the way she gets help from Jacques, who isn’t the diabolical murderer she thought he was, and a secret voodoo council. Can she learn to love again, regain her power in time, and save New Orleans from a monster?
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